We are dedicated to providing quality hands-on, experiential education for students interested in becoming professionals in Massage and Bodywork Therapy.

The Bio-Chi Institute is located in the friendly tri-state river town of Sioux City, Iowa. Our convenient location is only a short distance from the intersecting point where Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska unite. The beautiful scenic Perry Creek Trail ways offer newly constructed walking and biking paths with public access directly behind the school.

BCI provides a large 10,000 sq. ft learning space including a 3500 sq. ft open area for teaching Massage therapy and movement classes. BCI provides top-of-the-line massage tables and onsite chairs for in class coursework instruction. The lecture room utilizes wireless Intranet and multimedia for visual and interactive delivery of coursework. The Resource Room is open to students during school hours. It contains current periodicals, study space, and hundreds of books. Free Wi-Fi is available to all students at the college. Students are encouraged to take advantage of our fully equipped kitchen. Healthy meals, drinks, and snacks support better health choices. The consumption of fast food is strongly discouraged at BCI. The BCI facility is handicap accessible and is in compliance with all rules and regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Bio-Chi student clinical space offers at minimum 8 large individual private therapy rooms and large rooms with dividers with the capacity to accommodate up to 18 persons per hour or one large group. Four treatment sections have been specifically designed with sets of installed ceiling bars for the delivery of bare foot bar massage. Four other treatment rooms are designed to accommodate spa therapies, couples massage, and individual sessions.

The BCI Student Clinic provides Massages to the Siouxland Communities at reduced rates.

Our Instructors

All faculty have reached advanced levels of Massage/Bodywork Therapy and hold Certified Instructor status. Many of the BCI Instructors have developed their own Bodywork Therapy Healing Systems. These systems have been effectively taught through advanced training, and to the BCI students. The instructors continue to travel throughout the world specifically studying cross-cultural healing practices and learning massage/bodywork therapy and other complimentary alternative medicine directly from gifted healing art practitioners and founders of many styles and techniques.

Kathy Spencer Jensen
Kathy Spencer JensenProgram Director / Co-owner, LMT
Kathy is the program director, co-owner, and founding member of BCI since its inception in 1996. A graduate from the Hakomi Institute Boulder, Co, she is also recognized as an Internationally Certified Instructor in 5 different styles of Massage/Bodywork Therapy, an ordained minister, founder of Psycho-Bio Integration, professional educator-speaker, and since 1978, still maintains her private practice in massage and bodywork therapy. Kathy has earned advanced certifications in over 15 different styles of Bodywork Therapy.

Kathy has served three terms as chairperson on the Iowa Massage Therapy Board. In 2005, she and 13 other state regulators and educators from around the country initiated and established the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB). In 2006, Kathy was elected to the Board Directors of FSMTB where she served as vice president in 2008-2011, and president in 2011-2012 and immediate past president from 2012-2013.

Kathy continues to inspire the inner resources of her students by teaching Intuitive Massage, Somatic Bodywork, Medical Massage, Natural Therapeutics, Herbal Studies, Business, Advanced Pathology, Psycho-Bio Integration, and Trans-generational Trauma.

Lonnie Jensen
Lonnie JensenSchool Director / Co-owner, AA AS LMT
Lonnie has been the school director, co-owner, and founding member of BCI since the school first opened in 1996. He earned his first degree from Cloud County in Concordia Kansas, Studied Fine Art at K-State, and received his Commercial Art Degree from Salina Kansas Tech. Lonnie has also studied and taught multiple systems of Martial Arts.

His interest in martial and healing arts led him to study Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China with Master Wan, receiving his certification as an Internationally Certified Medical Qi Gong Instructor. He continued his acupuncture training in the US. Lonnie originated an incredible healing system, Musculo-Tendonal Reeducation®, taught at the Bio-Chi for advanced students. Segments of the MTR® are now taught nationally in workshops for Continuing Education for healthcare professionals. Lonnie teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Kinesiology, and MTR® at BCI.

Robin Freeman
Robin FreemanDirector of Student Services / Admissions Representative, LMT
Robin Freeman is a licensed Massage Therapist currently practicing at Mind & Body Connection in Sioux City Iowa.

She is an Iowa certified level 3 coach (Northwestern College) Certified Massage /Bodywork Therapy Instructor (Bio-Chi Institute) head coach for Sioux City Mariners and mother of three. Robin brings her energy and enthusiasm for teaching into the classroom applying techniques to real life experience. Her classes are always fun and inventive.

Robin has an extensive background in Massage/Bodywork Therapy she holds certifications as a spa specialist, Barefoot Bar Massage advanced IV, Fijian Floor Massage, Medical Massage, Qi Gong Practitioner and assists in instruction for the Qi Gong Weekends. Robin teaches Barefoot Bar Massage, Medical Spa Application, student clinic and clinic review. She also assists students through the admissions process, assists with file management, and the management of student absences.

Jennifer Frazee
Jennifer FrazeeBusiness Office Director, BA LMT
Certified Instructor of Massage/Bodywork Therapy

Jennifer has been employed as the Business Office Manager for BCI since 2006. She provides oversight of the daily operations, student accounts, staff training, leadership management and financial audits.

Pam Bombie
Pam BombieInstructor of Pathology, BSN
Pam is a graduate of BCI with over 40 years in practicing nurse. She received her RN training at the University of Iowa, Iowa City and completed her BSN at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City Iowa. Pam works on call as needed for Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City Iowa. She teaches medical terminology and pathology to BCI students.
La trecia Bainbridge Crum
La trecia Bainbridge CrumInstructor of Anatomy & Physiology, AA LMT
La trecia gained her Associates Degree from Western Iowa Tech prior to her graduation from Bio-Chi Institute. She has her private practice at Mind & Body Connection in Sioux City Iowa. La trecia teaches anatomy, physiology, and provides clinical supervision for the students at Bio-Chi.
Brooke Hessenius
Brooke HesseniusProprietor of L’Amour de Massage, LMT NCLMT/HHP
Brooke is a graduate of Bio-Chi Institute’s Advanced Massage and Bodywork Program. She has been practicing massage/bodywork therapies since 2005. She became a certified Instructor of massage/bodywork therapy in 2011 completing her studies at BCI’s Instructors Program and is a Certified Qi Gong practitioner. Brooke brings a unique style of massage that reflects the inner you, bringing caring, emotional, and energy awareness to your clients. She teaches the integration of Esalen massage into Sensory Reawakening Bodywork Therapy for continuing education classes for professional massage therapists. Brooke instructs BCI students in Western massage techniques.

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