Sioux City’s

Holistic Wellness & Massage Center

Massage Therapy, Herbal Products & Massage Institution

Conveniently located in the heart of Sioux City, Mind & Body Connection offers a complete range of holistic wellness & massage therapy services to suit every need.

Whether it be Muscular-Tendenal Re-education (MTR), Herbal Consultation, Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Assisted Stretching and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Bodywork Treatments the team at Mind and Body Connection will provide a therapeutic and relaxing experience in a safe and secure environment. Patients of all ages and ailments are welcome; children, seniors, expecting mothers or athletes.

We only use pure, therapeutic essential oils from the Mind & Body Herbs® Collection in our treatments. These essential oils are available for purchase at the center or online shop.

Come unwind with us to enjoy the many benefits that holistic wellness & massage therapy provides.

100% Natural Essential Oils

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We’re committed to providing you with only 100% pure, 100% natural, and 100% authentic products. Everything Mind & Body Connection sells is made for customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are less than tickled with your purchase, Mind & Body Connection will honor 90-day product return policy. Don’t worry, though; we’re sure you won’t need to use it!